Reap the Benefits of Seasonal Heat Pump Tune-Ups

Informed homeowners in San Marino, CA, and the surrounding areas know that seasonal heat pump tune-ups are a smart investment. Every penny spent on HVAC maintenance will repay you with enhanced indoor comfort at a lower monthly price.

Keep Energy Costs to a Minimum

Whether you’re chilling indoors in summer or keeping things cozy in winter, a well-maintained heat pump will perform far better than equipment that’s been neglected. An experienced heating and cooling technician can restore the unit to optimal condition which can lower energy usage by at least 15-20%.

A clean and optimized heat pump can keep you comfortable during all seasons for less. When all the sludge that builds up inside a heat pump after a season of high performance is removed, the system will be able to keep your home comfortable without wasting electricity.

Keep Warranties in Effect

Warranty companies typically require that HVAC equipment under warranty be tuned up annually. Some companies require this service to be performed by trained and certified technicians or other HVAC service professionals. If you ever file a claim, be prepared to show proof that the unit was properly serviced.

Keep Heat Pump Breakdowns at Bay

Reduce up to 95% of unexpected equipment breakdowns. While tuning up the unit, a skilled HVAC service professional will closely inspect the system for potential mishaps. If any exist, they can be corrected immediately. This is much more sensible than paying for a more extensive heat pump repair later on or replacing the unit altogether.

Keep Your Heat Pump in Service Longer

Extend the life of your equipment. Heat pump replacement isn’t cheap. It’s easier to take care of what you have, and the cheapest way to do that is with seasonal maintenance.

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