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Here at Wintri, our favorite HVAC service calls are the ones you never have to make. With our convenient, budget-friendly preventive AC maintenance services, we're ready to help you stop troublesome heating and cooling issues in their tracks. Our service area covers Covina, San Marino, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendora, La Verne, Rancho Cucamonga, Alhambra, Baldwin Park, CA.

The Truth About Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Scheduled HVAC maintenance is essential. You've heard it a thousand times before, but if you're like many homeowners, you're probably a little skeptical. Are regular service visits really that important? In a word, yes! To keep you comfortable, your HVAC system relies on lots of internal components working together in a delicate balance.

When this balance is disrupted, such as by a dirty AC coil or worn-out blower motor, the entire system's performance suffers. This can result in higher energy consumption, loss of comfort, and even major equipment damage. In fact, inadequate or improper maintenance is found to be a contributing factor in up to half of all HVAC system failures.

Professional Inspections and Precision AC Tune-Ups

Scheduled heating and AC maintenance visits are a lot like tune-ups for your car. You may not notice much of a difference afterward, but that's exactly the point. By keeping your equipment in peak condition at all times, proper maintenance ensures your system is always operating at its very best.

To that end, Wintri's HVAC tune-up specialists spare no effort in taking care of your equipment. We follow a detailed process that begins with a careful inspection to check for damage, loose connections, and other potential issues. Next, we thoroughly clean and lubricate key components to reduce friction and minimize wear and tear. Finally, we test your entire system to make sure everything is perfectly calibrated to deliver efficient, trouble-free comfort.

Try Our No-Nonsense HVAC Maintenance Plans

Hey, we get it. You know taking care of your HVAC equipment is vital, but sometimes it just slips your mind. Even worse, some companies offer confusing service options that make it difficult to tell what you're really paying for. At Wintri, we keep things simple and transparent. Our maintenance plans feature everything you need and nothing you don't — all at a fair and honest price. In addition to full seasonal tune-ups every spring and fall, you'll get emergency HVAC repair service at no extra cost. More importantly, you'll enjoy all the benefits of working with knowledgeable, experienced maintenance professionals, including:

  • Outstanding performance and energy efficiency
  • Unparalleled reliability and system longevity
  • Top-notch service and invaluable peace of mind

It's time to start getting more out of your home heating and cooling system. Schedule an AC tune-up today or talk to our friendly service pros to learn more about our low-cost HVAC maintenance plans.

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