Proper Heat Pump Installation is Vital for Optimal Performance

A new heat pump installation in your Burbank, CA home is exciting. Affordable energy costs are in your future. So are heightened indoor comfort and an increased home value. But what about the installation process? Will your contractor do everything possible to ensure that the unit you choose is the best fit for your home?

Sizing Is Everything

You can buy a top-of-the-line system, but with a shoddy installation, it won’t live up to its promise. Sizing is the process of taking precise measurements of your property so that all relevant factors are considered in the final determination of heat pump size.

How Is Heat Pump Size Determined?

A Manual J load calculation is used to determine correct sizing. Houses change over time. As a house changes, the size of the heat pump required for heating and cooling changes too. The measurements taken in the Manual J determine the combined influence of factors such as these:

  • Square footage
  • Window and door placements and sizes
  • Shade and sunlight
  • Insulation R-levels
  • Ceiling height
  • People in residence
  • Blower door test
  • Type of roofing material
  • Position of house

Qualified HVAC Experts

Heat pump installation involves cutting-edge technology. The Manual J test requires that technicians use advanced software programs to ensure accurate measurements. Certified installation technicians can safely perform delicate tasks that involve electricity and refrigerant. They know how to prevent accidents both during the installation and afterward. An installation performed by someone other than an authorized dealer can void your equipment warranty.

At Wintri, we size heat pumps for unsurpassed comfort and energy bills that make you smile. Call us in Burbank and the surrounding areas to learn more.